The NEW CritterGetterMICRO GENERATION 2 Control Board Info
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Author:  FIREMANJIM [ Wed May 02, 2018 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  The NEW CritterGetterMICRO GENERATION 2 Control Board Info

This is the NEW CritterGetterMICRO GENERATION 2 Camera Control Board. It is ran by the Picaxe 14M2+SM chip. The PIR OpAmp is the MCP6044. It is powered by a 9v battery. It is protected from reverse polarity by a Micro-Fet so that means no more "Blown Voltage Regulators". It has a 4 dip switches that can be programmed to do pretty much what ever you want them to do. It has a CDS to determine if it is daytime or night. It has the Super Bright Blue LED for the Walk Test and it can be seen even in direct sunlight. It can be installed vertically or horizontially. Has a OptoCoupler to coontrol camera functions. Also has a single channel OptoCoupler for running a fast hack camera or a still photo/video camera. Also has one extra output that can be used to run a mic preamp or anything else you choose with the addition of a sister board. Board measures 79mm X 29.8mm so it's just a little larger than a 9v battery. Has a onboard programming header so anyone with a Picaxe cable and the FREE Picaxe Editor software can program it. Board comes with the mounting bracket, standoffs, and screws. Board sales for $42.00 any questions you can contact me at JTSWildlifeCameras@Gmail.Com

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