A few cougars at night

Camera trap build description resulting trap photos.
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A few cougars at night

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Last winter I dedicated a lot of time tracking and camera trapping cougars in Montana. I needed some additional material for an eBook "course" I was working on. For the images that you see here, I used anywhere from 3-8 speedlights per set. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects (besides locating areas with the wildlife you are attempting to camera trap) is getting the lighting to look as natural as possible, especially for nighttime images.

In my guide, I dedicate an entire chapter to working with speedlights, including tips and techniques to create the most natural looking light possible. Not only that, but I also cover these topics as well:

*A thorough rundown of camera trap components and gear
* Basic and advanced camera settings
*Working with speedlights to create studio-style lighting
*Powering your equipment
*Commercially available camera trapping gear
*Instructions for building your own camera trap and gear housings
*Scouting techniques for camera trappers
*Basic animal track and sign identification
*Choosing the right location for your camera, and deployment of your camera trap
*Real-world examples of actual camera trap setups in the field, complete with diagrams and results from each set

If you're interested in learning more about the eBook course, you can check it out on my website here:
https://www.zackclothierphotography.com ... ping-ebook

A cougar returning to a large natural cavity on a moonlit night. This unique area is used each year by the cats.

Cougar returning to feed on a deer carcass cached nearby

A cougar skirting a ledge in winter

I actually witnessed this cat take down the deer in the picture, while returning one morning to check on a nearby camera

Cougar getting a closer look at my camera

A cougar resting near a deer carcass. Notice the hair plucks scattered about.
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Re: A few cougars at night

Post by ghosthunters »

It was very informative Zack.. I reference it a lot … lots of great information

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Re: A few cougars at night

Post by pastorjim08 »

Awesome photos. Great detail!!
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Re: A few cougars at night

Post by ArthurV »

Good stuff. I really enjoyed your e-book. It's obvious by the quality of the e-book that you put in a tonne of effort.
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Re: A few cougars at night

Post by cameratrapcodger »

Wonderful images, Zack, and congratulations on getting the eBook into print. I'll be citing it in my own book, as DSLR camtrapping is NOT my forte.
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Re: A few cougars at night

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Great photos and interesting lighting, much different than the way most folks light their subjects at night.
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