Olympus DSLR E-620

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Olympus DSLR E-620

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Here is the hack for this camera I posted a build of earlier. You can purchase a shutter release cable for these that plugs into the USB port. The downside is the USB port is on the back of the camera and adds about an inch to the depth of the camera. Battery is a 7.2V lion battery charged up to 8.4V. Ralph Davis did a special program with his Safari board for this.

Here are some pics showing what screws need to come off to hack the camera. Red arrows point to the screws needed to take out.

Left Side
Eye Piece
This piece then comes off after the 4 screws are removed.
I have the hack wires coming through the XD card slot since I use the CF card slot. The part that looks like a mouse chews is for the wires so the door can close.
Here is the back of the camera with rear cover removed, i didn't remove the ribbons, was just careful.
External close up, Green = - Red=+
The hack points are on the bottom of the USB port.
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