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Checkin in

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2022 2:20 pm
by bulltalk.65
Hey guys,

Been quite awhile. Tried gettin on hags and it seems it is gone. Hope to hear from and find any of the old timers still kickin around these forums.

Anyone know how to contact John (badgerbuckhunter) ? I seem to have lost everyones emails and contact info over the years.

I wanted to build a new video cam and decided to get on to see whats new or whats been goin on in the diy cam building.

Anyway, hope to find everyone happy and healthy and cant wait to hear from any of you that remember me.


Re: Checkin in

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2022 6:05 am
by bigbassmann
Hello old timer, how are you getting along? There's a few of us old guys still around but it seems the forums just aren't as active as they once were. Not as many people doing the old point and shoot builds like the S600s, S40s, P41s, etc.. Most of the activity seems to be with DSLR cameras these days. Hags has been shut down for awhile now as has DIY Trail Cams. I tried finding contact info for badgerbuckhunter awhile ago but couldn't come up with anything. It's a shame to have lost all of the info that was stored on Hags and DIY. Lots of good info lost especially on Hags about some of the interesting builds that were done by TCSCOUT and a few others.

If you are interested in making a video build there's a few cameras that will work for making a daytime video with night still pictures. Most all will need a slave flash as well since the camera flashes are pretty weak. My favorite camera to use is the Panasonic SZ7 which takes HD video and has 2 microphones for good quality audio but the Fuji models JZ100 and JZ250 are ok as well but if I remember correctly both of those don't have the higher video resolution like the Panasonic. I recently shut down my business but if you decide to do a video build I still have some supplies on hand and you can contact me to get what you need. I will even do the camera hack for you if you need me to. Here's a link to a YouTube video I made for the SZ7 hack

If you are looking for just a daytime only video build the GoPro Hero HD or the Hero2 are good options and I'm including a link to the hack for that as well. The external hack is a little bit different for the Hero2 than what I show in the video for the Hero HD. Both cameras take 1080p HD video and have good audio quality as well.

Re: Checkin in

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2022 6:03 pm
by Woody Meristem
It looks like a lot of us have stopped hacking older cameras, I certainly have. Some of the newer commercial cameras take images every bit as good as most of the cameras I hacked at about the same total cost. I really like hacking and using Nikon L11s for builds, but the cameras didn't last and I only have a couple of them that still work. My S40 builds are still going strong and some are still out in the field. All of the hacks that Charles Garrett (buckshot 164) did still seem to be on YouTube and it looks like all of the materials for a build are still available from snapshot sniper -- but it looks like homebrewed camera traps built with old point-and-shoot cameras are a thing of the past, I know I haven't done one in quite a while and won't be doing any new ones.

Re: Checkin in

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2022 9:34 pm
by ghosthunters
Yeh there seems to be only a few of us around now. I have been in contact with a few builders off the forum. They have reached out to me. I have also got into DSLR builds mostly because it kept me building… I like doing the craft. Nice to see a few people are reaching out on the last remaining forum. Good to see and hear. I still really like the images from my point and shoot camera builds and definitely feel as tho my DSLR builds are a few major steps yet above those.

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