Sony S40

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Sony S40

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These are the settings that I use with my S40 cameras - I make no claims of authenticity as I picked them up from various places over the years.... if anyone has different experiences with different settings, please feel free to share....

Sony S40

• EV= default OEV
• Focus: Multi AF
• White Bal: Auto
• ISO: Auto
• P.Quality: Standard
• Rec mode: Normal
• Flash level: All the way up to +
• P.Effect: Off
• Saturation: -
• Contrast: -
• Sharpness: Normal

Next is Setup Camera 1:
• AF Mode: Single
• Digital Zoom: Off
• Date/Time: Day/Time (Stamps date & time on picture)
• Red Eye Reduction: Off
• AF Illuminator: Off
• Auto Review: Off

Next is Camera 2:
• Enlarged Icon: Off

Next is Setup 1:
• Beep: Off
• Language: English
• Initialize: OK

Be sure the flash is ON (look for the lightning bolt+ on the LCD screen)
Be sure that you turn your LCD screen off – especially if you have prepared the S40 with a 4 “speed hack”

Hope this helps,
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Re: Sony S40

Post by Iowabucks »

Here are some things i am reading about the picture quality setting right out of the S40's owners manual.
(P. Quality)
Selects the still image quality.
Fine (FINE)--------Records with high quality (low compression)
Standard (STD)---Records with standard quality (high compression)

Selecting the image quality (compression ratio) in combination
You can select the compression ratio when digital images are saved. When you select a high compression ratio, the image lacks the fineness of detail, but has a smaller filesize.

Stands to reason that you may want to choose fine for the picture quality (thats what i have always used), however i have not tested it to see if that is actually what going on.

Another setting that might need looked at:
AF Mode
Single (S AF) ------Automatically adjust the focus when the shutter button is pressed and held halfway down. This mode is useful for shooting stationary subjects.

Monitor (M AF)-----Automatically adjusts the focus before the shutter button is pressed and held halfway down. This mode shortens the time needed for focusing.
*battery consumption is faster than in (single) mode.

I doubt the boards today have provisions for "pressing and holding the button halfway" to automatically adjust the focus in (single) mode. Also i'm not sure if any time is gained by using the (monitor) mode setting. Just thought i would point this out.

I might have to do some testing this year.
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Re: Sony S40

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Thanks for that information on the S40 as I will be putting mine together next week and hope to put it in the forest sometime this month.

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