Need some help with some builds

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Need some help with some builds

Post by Bkontio »

Wow, it's quiet here. Kind of sad, but things change. When you look at the low cost of commercial cams and the high cost of used point and shoots, it's no wonder.

Even so, now that I'm retired, I want to get some cams going. I am going to separate the control board from the camera to trigger the cam so that the video will start recoding before the animal steps into the field of view.

I have 4 Bigfoot boards programmed for H70 video that need cams to go with them. My problem is that the cost of these cameras is seemingly through the roof.

So I got two questions:

1) Does anyone have some H70's they'd be interested in selling?

2) Could a gopro be substituted without reprogramming the board? Seems like obsolete go pros are more affordable. Do they use a momentary switch like Sony cams? Do they start recording at power on or is there a separate shutter?
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Need some help with some builds

Post by ghosthunters »

I believe it’s Brian .. do I got that correct ? It’s Daryl here and I have some hacked H70’s for sure .. as far as unhacked I would have to look.

I also have some GoPro’s hero2. Have new safari control boards programmed for hero2 as well never used. Also have the buss connectors that go into the hero2. Plus have GoPro builds I would probably sell. Or just the GoPros if u want ..

Text or call my cell 1-306-759-7768

Thanks Daryl Dean

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